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By Dr. Christia Brown

Parenting Beyond Pink and Blue

A guide that helps parents focus on their children’s unique strengths and inclinations rather than on gendered stereotypes to more effectively bring out the best in their individual children, for parents of infants to middle schoolers.

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I’m tired of the “limited pool” argument. Black scholar on the academic market in psychology (or related fields) send me a DM w/ your info (name, sub-field, area(s) of interests, courses you could teach). Plenty of scholars to recruit. I’ll put it all in a thread. Make it plain.

Imagine if Republicans had moved on COVID as quickly as they're moving to replace RBG.

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Psychology Today

Kids, Politics, and the Gender Divide

Children are interested in elections, and have strong opinions about candidates, but underestimate gender biases in politics and government. Read More on the Psychology Today blog.

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Representation Matters

Regardless of gender identity, kids and teens want, and need, to be seen and affirmed. Representation and actual knowledge matters. This shouldn't be confined to one day a year.   Read More

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