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Parenting Beyond Pink and Blue

A guide that helps parents focus on their children’s unique strengths and inclinations rather than on gendered stereotypes to more effectively bring out the best in their individual children, for parents of infants to middle schoolers.

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Oh, NBD. Only featured on my alma mater’s/current institution’s main social accounts. Oh, you wanna know for what? Just about our @APAScience-award winning vlog: @ourMHM (cc: @SCTJones). 💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽

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“In the latest episode of Michigan Minds, a @UMichSPH assistant professor discusses her work on a video series that breaks down complex psycholo...


Airlines can no longer fire female workers when they get pregnant, like they used to. So now they do everything but.

"Because this type of discrimination is so firmly baked into a workplace culture, it can be much more difficult to root out." @galenleigh:

Frontier airlines planes at the Denver International Airport in May.

Opinion | The Airline Industry‘s Sexism Problem

For pilots and flight attendants, work and motherhood have long been treated as incompatible. We‘re hoping to change that.


The conversation from tonight's new #CBSN Originals doc Raising Boys, the 6th & final part in their Speaking Frankly series continues now with @TanyaRivero for the next half-hour. @feministabulous @Wade_Davis28 @ChristiaBrown @pfizer @robjgifford @CBSNews https://t.co/OhHf5SGRkv

Do you have a child between the ages of 7-12? Please consider participating in this short online study. The Child Development lab at Saint Joseph’s University directed by Dr. Clare Conry-Murray needs children to participate in a 10-15 min survey: Thanks!

Toys and People

Children‘s Perceptions of Toys and People Clare Conry-Murray Saint Joseph's University 226 Post Hall 5600 City Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19131-139...


Study: Gender differences in recognizing female faces links to country's gender equality. Men in US (midrange gender equality) recognized more male celebs than female. Men from Scandinavia (high gender eq) performed equally recognizing male & female celebs.https://t.co/cQoWW4PtlM

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Psychology Today

Kids, Politics, and the Gender Divide

Children are interested in elections, and have strong opinions about candidates, but underestimate gender biases in politics and government. Read More on the Psychology Today blog.

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Representation Matters

Regardless of gender identity, kids and teens want, and need, to be seen and affirmed. Representation and actual knowledge matters. This shouldn't be confined to one day a year.   Read More

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